Online Phone Tracker To Track A Cell Phone In Simple Steps

If you want to a track a cell phone so you know exactly where it is at all times, it is important that you get all the necessary information. Whether you want to track your child’s phone, your employees or you just want a way to locate your phone if it’s ever lost/stolen, this guide can help. online phone tracker helps to find your mobile in case of lost . The more information you have about tracking a cell phone, the more likely it will be that you can do so successfully and without any issues.

Online Phone Tracker An Android Phone

Step 1: Access Android Device Manager

Device Manager is the best way to go about tracking an Android phone. It is the best online phone tracker for phone. The first thing you will need to do is tap the gear app icon on your phone’s home screen or app drawer. Next you will need to select “Security.” Simply scroll down in the Settings menu until you locate this option. When you tap it you’ll open the Security menu for your device. Make sure that Android Device Manager is enabled.

Tap “Device Administrators” and check the box that is located right next to “Android Device Manager.” This box should be checked, indicating that the feature is active. It is important to keep in mind that the phone you want to track must have access to an internet connection, whether it is data or Wi-Fi. Android Device Manager can be a very effective means of tracking an Android phone.

Step 2: Online Phone Tracker  To Track the Phone

Go to Android Device Manager on your computer. You can log in using your Google account details. Once you have logged in, Android Device Manager will automatically begin tracking the cell phone. You will see the phone’s current location appear on the screen. There is going to be a map that will show you exactly where the phone you are tracking is. You will be able to zoom in and out the map to get a better idea as to where exactly the cell phone is located at any given moment.Android Device Manager is the best Online Phone Tracker .

Step 3: Select an Action

If you decide to use Android Device Manager to track a lost or stolen cell phone, there are a number of actions you can perform. The actions that you will have to choose from include:

  • Ring: You can choose to play a sound through your phone to locate it if you think it is nearby. The sound will play through the phone even if it is set on vibrate or silent mode.
  • Erase: If your phone is lost or stolen and you don’t expect to find it anytime soon, you can choose to remotely delete all of the personal information on your phone. It is important to remember that you will not be able to get back the data that is erased if you select this option.
  • Lock: You can also choose to lock your phone so that any person who may find it will not be able to access any of your personal information.

Tracking an iPhone

tracking cell phone iphone

If there is an iPhone that you want to track, you will just have to follow a few simple steps.

Step 1: Log into iCloud and open “Find My iPhone”

When you are going about tracking an iPhone, the very first thing that you will need to do is go to and log in using your Apple ID details. After you have signed in, you will see the iCloud dashboard with a number of different icons. Select the “Find My iPhone” icon, which can be found in the second row. The Find My iPhone service is a great way to track any iPhone device.

Step 2: Select your Device and Begin Tracking it

Next you will need to select “All Devices” from the drop-down menu on the top bar and choose the device that you want to track. Once you have done this the tracking process will instantly begin. You should be able to see the exact location of the phone on the map.

Step 3: Choose an Action

You will see an option to play a sound through the phone, activate “Lost Mode” or erase all of the data on the phone. Playing a sound through your iPhone can be an effective means of finding it if you think it’s still nearby. Putting the phone into “Lost Mode” will completely lock the device with a password and display a message that you can choose.

Using Google Location History to Track a Cell Phone

online phone tracker

You will also be able to use Google Maps to track a phone, though it won’t be in real time. This method works with both iPhones and Androids. The first thing that you will want to do is visit

Next you will need to select the current date on the left hand side of the screen. You can also just click the “Today” button.

Look at the timeline located on the left side of the page and scroll down until you find the last reported location of your iPhone or Android cell phone. You will be able to use this information to determine if your phone is sitting in one location or if it’s on the move. This is definitely one of the better alternative methods for tracking a cell phone, so you should definitely consider using it.

Tracking Apps

If you are planning on tracking a certain cell phone, you can always install a tracking app on it. The app that you install will allow you to see where the cell phone is at any given moment from your computer or mobile device. There are lots of different third-party tracking apps that you can download for this purpose, and it’s highly recommended that you take the time to look into some of them before making a final decision. “Prey” is definitely one of the better tracking apps that you can download, and it can really come in handy if your cell phone is ever lost or stolen.

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